What is 'hidden curriculum'?

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'Every school has two curricula. One is the open curriculum, which we are already familiar with. The other curriculum, the hidden one, often has the greatest impact on an adolescent boy or girl. It is the hidden curriculum that molds self-esteem, aids or hinders confident social development, that helps make high school a time of pleasant memories, or turns the high school experience into an ordeal.' (Ruby Ausbrooks, Ed.D.) http://www.parentingteens.com/curriculum.shtml The phrase 'hidden curriculum' was coined by Brian Jackson in 1968 to draw attention to the idea that schools do more than simply aid the transmission of knowledge between one generation and the next. The concept of the 'hidden' curriculum is very ambiguous. The hidden…show more content…
The hidden curriculum fosters intellectual curiosity and emotional growth. It provides opportunities for discovering new interests and developing new abilities. While open curriculum mainly provide knowledge, which are facts, theoretical ideas and formulaic matters. Though sometimes, there will be conflicts aroused between them, they are closely related and affecting each other. Due to the change in the society, in student's needs and in educational system, part of the open curriculum are disappearing and turn into hidden curriculum; while some part of the hidden curriculum which is more important, and which has been used adequately and was focus on, will then transform into open curriculum. According to L. F. Hopkins, he divided open curriculum into six categories: Subject curriculum, correlated curriculum, fused curriculum, broad field curriculum, core curriculum and the activity curriculum. The activity curriculum and the subject curriculum are at the two poles, and the activity curriculum and hidden curriculum has the most reciprocal influence. As what Bearne (1986) said: "What students learned in hidden curriculum has a farther effect and more profound meaning compared to what they learned from the open curriculum". But hidden curriculum can be both positive and negative. It can hinder the open curriculum and it can also promote it. As the two examples from my own experience will show: In my secondary school, there is a teacher who has a very great
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