What is normal about abnormality?

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Abnormal and Clinical Psychology “What is normal about abnormality?” This essay will explain why it is difficult to define, classify and diagnose normal and abnormal behaviour. It will evaluate abnormality through cultural issues and diagnostic techniques and strive to, illustrate the possible causes of mental disorders. Abnormal and normal behaviour is not easily defined. What is abnormal? It is to deviate from the norm. What is normal? Normality is dependent on religious beliefs, developmental stage, maturity and most importantly an individual’s environment; cultural difference which will determine acceptable behaviour. As there are no diagnostic tests to determine abnormality, psychiatrists are reliant upon symptoms and…show more content…
However, should a person wish to commit suicide after a trivial incident, it would be cause for concern and psychiatric assistance. Although a disadvantage would be an individual has to aware of their functioning failures. ‘Dame Edna demonstrates it is entertaining as well as profitable to be a cross dresser, although it is not the norm. Finally, deviation from social norms takes into consideration the behaviour and beliefs of people and the impact it has on others. Homosexuality in Nigeria is illegal (Cortinna, 2011), unlike the UK where there has been a substantial change in attitudes since the 1960s. In 1968 DSM-II was published and classified homosexuality as a sexual deviation. (Eysenck, 2001). A disadvantage of this approach is based upon the environment in which the individual resides. Jahoda’s definitions are thought to be too idealistic. (Gross et al, 2004) The members of the tutorial group stated, that in their home countries such as: 2Poland - it is a tabu subject; Ghana – mental patients mainly live on the road; Estonia – leave them to get on with it, not dealt with well”. Just to mention a few different ways that abnormality is dealt with by other nations. According to Holmes (1998) there are at least five paradigms on defining abnormality: The statistical model which is similar to the psychometric approach is concerned with an individual’s mental capacity i.e. intelligence quotient (IQ) for their age group. The Utopia model relates
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