Essay about What is the Bible?

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What is the 1

What is the Bible?

This paper will define the Bible and examine it’s origin, inerrancy, purpose, and

power. The reasons for studying the Bible will also be discussed along with scriptures and

historical data. The fact that the Bible has stood the test of time and has not been

destroyed, even though there have been several attempts made over the years, is a

testament of the enduring power of God’s Holy Word. Many men have lost their lives

while producing and preserving this collection of books. This further proves that the
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The duplication

process employed while reproducing the Bible was so tedious and precise that the men

who accepted this incredible responsibility would spend many years on the production of

just one Bible to ensure it’s accuracy. This process removed the possibility of man made

errors while copying the Bible. Mankind can rest assured that the Bible is a perfect book

written by a perfect God.

The purpose of the Bible is to reveal God to mankind and get them to come to

God through Jesus Christ so they can know Him( Believer’s Church). The Bible is a

complete instruction manual on how to reach and maintain a close relationship with

God. Throughout the Bible, mankind is given direction on how to live according to God’s

will. God reveals His instructions concerning creation, redemption, faith and His plan for

mankind through scripture. The Word of God will also reveal a specific purpose for each

person who seeks to understand what God has planned for them. The way to achieve the

abundant life that God has promised is detailed in the Bible.

The Bible’s life changing powers are well documented throughout scripture and

history. Romans 1:16 reads “for it is the
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