What is the Price for Keeping the American Public Safe from Diet Supplements?

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What is the Price for Keeping the American Public Safe from Diet Supplements?

Being overweight and being in sports is a hard aspect of the game to overcome. Many of the athletes in different sports go through tough training and conditioning. Some athletes are under great pressure to make a certain weight in order to stay on the team. If the players are overweight they might be fined or even benched for the certain events. All of the sports that are out there have a lot of competition for staying on teams. There are the athletes that struggle each week to keep their job from younger stronger players coming in. So it is a question of were they turn to get an extra edge over the other player. Most of the time it is with diet supplements or
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Congress feels that it is not worth giving the FDA more funding when there are so many companies out there making unsafe products and selling them. Several of the benefits drug companies claim that they help people loose weight and gain more muscle to produce better sports. In researching different drugs to take o there are some that do help with working out. A supplement called Echinacea purpurea, which is used to help people do cardiovascular workouts. The supplement is able to increase the size of the red blood cells when the body is being worked hard. In return the bigger red blood cells carry more blood to the muscles to work better. With getting more oxygen to the muscles it is easier to build more endurance in running and in weight training. There are other products that are gained to make people loose weight faster and hence get a better body.

Based on all that is said about the diet supplements and muscle enhancers they are not good and Congress needs to do more to protect the American people. Reasons to support this come in a variety of ways. There are atheletes dieing in order to stay on teams and make weight for their job. The American public is always concerned with what they look like so they are taking all the diet pills to make themselves look better. What the congress isn’t realizing is that these products come with serious side effects to the human body. With products being
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