Essay on What is the Purpose of Prison and what Tries to Achieve

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Prisoners in portrayal of society are treated as outcast and are often forgotten- they need to be kept away from the society. It is vital to understand the purpose of prison and what they are trying to achieve and compare their actions to the re-offending rates as they are the perfect example to prove if the prison system works. However, studies about prisoners mainly focus on the effects prison has on them and how it affects society. There is luck of research actually looking at the prisoner experiences inside the prison and what issues they face. The Human Rights, including sexual abuse, are very common in US, and the number of victims inside the prison is dramatic. Moreover, by looking at the UK prison statistics and taking into …show more content…
It makes society satisfied that people are punished for not abiding law as well as it provide deterrence for others not to do it.
- Reformation- people can chance, prisoners can be re-socialised and return to the society with different aspirations, goals, perceptions and attitudes, they will not commit crime again (Bura, 2012).
Prison Statistics
In March 2013 the UK prison system contained 83,842 male prisoners and 3,853 female prisoners (Prison Population Statistics, 2013). Out of overall population 25.4% of prisoners re-offend, furthermore, 55.9% of total number of re-offenders were criminals who offended in the past (Justice, 2011). Those statistics provide some key points that not all offenders will commit crime again, but also people who committed an offence once, they are more likely to commit it again. Furthermore, can we judge all prisoners and treat them all the same? Are all of them murders and rapist? Statistics presented by Prison Population Statistics presents that not all offences are the very serious ones; people were charged with offences such as theft, fraud, motoring offences and others.

Effects on going inside
Media are fed with information that offenders have better life inside the prison that outside, they have TVs, PlayStation, can educate them self, and prison turn more into reward than punishment. However, issues such us offending inside, the effects of imprisonment on prisoner while being inside as well as

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