What is the Purpose of a Database Management System?

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The purpose of this paper is to explain what a Database Management System (DBMS) is, the main principles of database design and to describe the features or characteristics of four prevalent database models. What is a DBMS? A database management system could be described as a file processing system that creates and administers data and or objects as information for the purpose of access and storage in a convenient way. Many types of programs have been written to add and extract information from files. A key objective of a DBMS is to maintain data integrity. What is a Database Model? A database model is used to determine what the structure of a database might look like. It portrays how information will relate to each other, how it will be stored, organised and manipulated. According to Gavin Powell, "A database model is a pretty picture commonly known as an entity relationship diagram(a database on paper). A database, on the other hand, is the implementation or creation of a physical database on a computer. A database model is used to create a database." (1) What are the main features of a DBMS? • Data storage. The integration and sharing of data decreases storage costs and reduces file duplication. • Security, access and control of data. A DBMS will have properties such as encryption, authentication and authorization which control access. • Data recovery. A system will have the ability to be backed up regularly so that in the event of a disaster valuable
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