What is the difference between being fair and being equal? In our society, do people have an equal or fair shot?

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What is the difference between being fair and being equal? In our society, do people have an equal or fair shot? Equality is a recurring theme throughout history. It came up during the late nineteenth century and in the early twentieth century due to the introduction of the women suffrage acts. Those acts lead up to the nineteenth amendment in 1920 which included “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex” then again, in the 1960s where the Civil Rights movement peaked. Civil Rights Activists want equal rights no matter the race, gender, or sexuality. However, none of these movements include the rights of the lower class, yet lower class…show more content…
There’s also a roadblock at home. Children need role models in and out of schooling because teachers can only say so much. If a child grows up in a home where his/her parents think it’s okay to live off of the welfare system, that child is going to grow up thinking it’s okay as well. Patrick F. Fagan, Ph.D said “welfare dependency as a child has a negative effect on the earnings and employment capacity of young men. The more welfare income received by a boy 's family during his childhood, the lower the boy 's earnings will be as an adult, even when compared to boys in families with identical non-welfare income”. It’s a vicious cycle. Parents don’t care so the children don’t care and so the children don’t do well and end up in the same place as their parents. So when a child grows up in a lower class, do they really get an “equal” shot as someone who is growing up in a higher class? When parents can support their families and send their kids to good high schools, they are putting them down the path to succeed. When a child from a lower class family goes to an inner city school that isn’t as good as a suburban school, they do not get the same chances. College should lower the standards for kids who don’t go to good high schools because they don’t have the technology or the resources to succeed. It’s only fair to give that kid a chance because he/she did not choose where they grew up, want family they were born into, or the school they had to
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