What pH the Enzyme Named Peroxidase Works Best At Essay

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What pH the Enzyme Named Peroxidase Works Best At The aim of my investigation is to find out what pH the enzyme named peroxidase works best at. We can find the enzyme peroxidase if we grind up celery, or most other animal and plants. A chemical reaction in plants and animals produce hydrogen peroxide, this can poison them if it is allowed to accumulate. The enzyme peroxidase acts as a catalyst for decomposing hydrogen peroxide, it is broken down into water and oxygen. The reaction is: 2H20 = 2H20 + O2 (Aq) (L) (G) I plan to measure the amount of oxygen given off by the celery at different pHs and whichever pH helps the enzyme produce the most oxygen. Before I do this I…show more content…
The enzyme will be working at the pH 7 the majority of the time and our bodies will have adapted to suit the enzyme and help it work better. In my preliminary plan, I will investigate how much oxygen is produced when the enzyme hydrogen peroxide and some slices of potato are added together. This experiment is very similar to the celery one with the exception that it is potato slices not celery slices. This experiment will give me an idea on what I should change or keep the same. It will also make me aware of the other variables in the experiment and what I need to change about them to get the best results. The enzyme is also strongly affected by temperature; hydrogen bonds are easily disrupted by increasing temperature. This, in turn, may disrupt the shape of the enzyme so that its affinity for its substrate diminishes. We must take into consideration this and I will explore what affect the temperature can have on the enzyme in my preliminary plan. For this experiment I will need: 1. Stop clock 2. Cork borer 3. Inverted burette 4. Potato 5. Safety equipment e.g. safety goggles 6. thermometer 7. conical flask 8. gas measuring cylinder 9. clamp 10. 500ml beaker 11. 10ml

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