Essay on What role do rituals play in affirming community?

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In essence, everything we do is a ritual. Rituals are tradition, a way of gathering people together to celebrate; to mourn; to live. They are also a way of conforming; religious rituals may make people feel better because the known is better than the ‘unknown’. From mundane things such as shopping to important ones like remembrance services for those who died in wars. It is my objective in this essay to try to explain in what ways that rituals affirm communities (if they do) and what role they take. To do this I will use three historical periods to outline my argument that rituals overall help to unite communities most of the time. Through the use of repetitive actions the community is positively bolstered by connecting with the pas, and…show more content…
A general example of rituals in the religious community would be the Doctrine of presence Catholic rites made something ‘present’, for example the rite of Eucharist at Mass (which is Holy Communion). The Protestant reformation introduced the ‘theory of representation’ to counter this idea. Rituals were aspects of language or behaviour that communicated meaning. Catholics believed that during Holy Communion, Christ became physically present in the host; Protestants believed it was more symbolic. Another general type of ritual would be rites of passage are another type of ritual which marked and assisted biological and social transitions. For example: Baptism. Rituals could also be calendric rites which marked out the cardinal points in the year and intertwined Christian story in apparently natural cycle of seasons. It brought the cosmic order into daily life by giving persons access to divine power. There are also rituals of the body: ‘the battle between Carnival and lent’. The carnival is a place for pleasures of the flesh while lent is the opposite; it is the constraints of piety and reason. Carnival, festivals and created occasions for acts of violence were all rituals. The latter appears in ritual combats and dangerous sports for example ritualised rebellion, like the one that happened in Naples in the revolt of 1647. Governments adapted, borrowed and invented a huge collection of rituals. The Repetition of gestures and formulaic
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