What 's A Blockbuster?

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What’s a Blockbuster?

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” Arthur C. Clark couldn’t have said it better. It blows my mind how quickly and effectively new technology is being made. Could you imagine living in a world without your Iphone? Or how about having to use an actual paper map instead of your latest and greatest GPS? Well that’s how I grew up, and I turned out just fine. So before you go and get angry at your parents for not buying you the new Iphone 25s, try to imagine growing up in my generation without all these fancy gadgets. Ah, the old CD player. When you actually had to go out of your house to purchase the album of your favorite artist. It’s probably a good thing that they got rid of the little cheaply made discs. So many times I broke or scratched one of my favorite CD’s and would dread having to save up all over again to get a new one. Same with DVD’s. You had to go out and buy a movie to be able to see it. There was no such thing as torrenting movies or instantly purchasing and downloading it from your computer. I loved being able to purchase DVD’s. I liked the thought that if I kept saving up, I could have a huge collection and could show it off on my entertainment system. It was like a weird hobby that everyone seemed to have back then. Who has the biggest DVD collection? I also miss having a local movie store around the corner. Such as Blockbuster or Star Video. It’s not the same as having a movie kiosk located at every…

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