What 's A True Hero?

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What 's a True Hero is? A true hero is someone with courage and bravely to go beyond in order to help someone, because as a child to an adult it’s a very different view point and Joseph Campbell help us understand what it takes to be a true hero. For many years, many people have used the word hero for many situations that doesn 't particularly consider being a hero. If we Google the definition for the word hero; "A man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities" (Hero, n.d). In some cases this particular example of someone is being nice and trying to do a good deed for someone. For them it might be an act of heroic but there is something to think about. Did they have to be out of the comfort zone to do the act? Did they have to face their fear to do the act? This are some questions that one might ask what are true hero is. A true hero is someone with courage and brave to go beyond in order to help someone What a hero is for others? A hero for a child would be very different from an adult. When one is a kid he or she only know the basic what a hero is: which is that hero helps or saves people. As he or she get older one start adding more characteristic of what a hero is. Not only it will be that someone who saves or helps people, but it will be someone will go above everything to help someone. In a research, White and O 'Brien asked 520 students from kindergarten to Twelfth grade by having them answer question about what 's a hero

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