What 's Africana Womanism From Other Ideologies Or Schools Of Thought?

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What distinguishes Africana Womanism from other ideologies or schools of thought? As aforementioned, there has been tension between the United States suffrage groups, many of which later transformed into feminist groups, and Black women. Nevertheless, many Black women choose to identify as a “Black Feminist” or “African Feminist” in an attempt to forge a pro-women and pro-Black space. Black Feminism sought to address the same intersectional issues (including misogynoir) facing Black women as Africana Womanism with a different approach. The Black Feminist school of thought is characterized by “an intersectional analysis: gender, sexuality, race, and class.” [BLACK FEM. IN THE US] In other words, “this erasure of gender among black men is matched by the erasure of race in white feminism.” [BLACK FEM. IN THE US] To combat this erasure and develop a sound analysis, Black women rest at the center of intellectual analysis. This is a similar manner to African people’s centered location in Afrocentric Theory. Black Feminist scholars also place emphasis on “analyzing social structure and political economy” in regards to theory development, creation of agency-producing works, and critique of existing frameworks in Sociology and Women’s Studies. [BLACK FEM. IN THE US] In a similar fashion to Africana Womanism, Black Feminism embodies Black nationalist ideals, such as self-definition. [BLACK FEM. IN THE US] In fact, Black scholar, Kimberle Crenshaw, in her 1989 essay “Demarginalizing

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