What 's At Stake For The Key Parties

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1 What’s at stake for the key parties, including those that may disagree with you? What is important to them? What does the target value and why?

I see how these events transpire as a character test. Who am I and what do I stand for? My friends, my relationships and my future are directly correlated to the events that will occur. Whats important to me is that I do what 's right strictly based on my values.

The Spirit Club’s value surpasses any individual and the implications of Matt’s actions could be detrimental to the club. First and foremost, our reputation as a reputable club is at stake. The Spirit Club could potentially be in a position where our whole structure has to change to a more bureaucratic form all the while being under heavy over-site of administration. I fear that the club chemistry would hurt if this occurred.

Who Matt is and his legacy could change in a heartbeat depending on what he did with the shirt profits. If he truly stole the money, then it shows he never valued spirit club as much as he valued his own personal gain and failed to see how they are intertwined. Personally, I will no longer see him as a friend merely an example of poor leadership as many others will.

I can only wonder if Laura was in on this with Matt and that 's why she was so forward in bringing it up to Matt. Her friendship with Matt may have resulted in a blind spot for unethical behavior. If this is true my friendship and many others with her is likely over and so is
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