What 's Eating Gilbert Grape

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The author of this paper will analyze the film, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” This analysis will identify the strengths, weaknesses, and barriers that the family is encountering. The social worker will assist the Grape family with identifying goals to work on as individuals, and as a unit. One way is to implement a Generalist Intervention Model. The GIM can be used as a tool in assessing the family and their environment. When a family is in crisis, there are many agencies and social services that can help with issues. From a Macro level perspective, the Grape family slipped through the cracks in the system. The author will describe what macro social work entails. The National Association of Social Workers has created a Code of Ethics that Social Workers adhere to in practice. The Social Worker must advocate for Social Justice in the areas of finance, housing, legal and medical issues. While Gilbert Grape will be the focus of this paper, the entire Grape family will be discussed.
Keywords: advocacy, social justice, theory, perspective, NASW, models, crisis
Analysis of the Film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
The Grapes are a poor, Midwestern family living in an isolated part of their community. The father of the Grape family successfully completed suicide by hanging in the families’ basement. Bonnie the mother is morbidly obese, suffering from depression and is unable to care for herself or her family. There are three brothers and two sisters, the oldest brother Larry…
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