What 's Eating Gilbert Grape

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Abstract The author of this paper will analyze the film, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” This analysis will identify the strengths, weaknesses, and barriers that the family is encountering. The social worker will assist the Grape family with identifying goals to work on as individuals, and as a unit. One way is to implement a Generalist Intervention Model. The GIM can be used as a tool in assessing the family and their environment. When a family is in crisis, there are many agencies and social services that can help with issues. From a Macro level perspective, the Grape family slipped through the cracks in the system. The author will describe what macro social work entails. The National Association of Social Workers has created a Code of…show more content…
Becky becomes involved with the Grape family and helps Gilbert to realize that he is entitled to his own life, wants and needs. Gilbert Grape will be the focus of this paper and what can be done to implement changes in his life. These changes will benefit Gilbert and the entire Grape family, by focusing on a strengths prospective. Social workers implement models to create a plan of action for a client to follow. These step by step instructions act as an instruction manual. A solution-focused model would be used in the case of the Grape family. Gilbert has already stated what he would like to achieve. So the social worker should assist him in achieving that end. The social worker and Gilbert should first identify the desired future, and together- establish the steps that will lead to the solution. Psychodynamic Theory. This theory is what social workers implement when working with a client who has suffered prior abuse or past trauma. By concentrating on how the ego works as a facilitator of the individual and their environment. Social workers can implement healing by helping the client halting their use of defense mechanisms. This intervention is used to protect clients from experiencing a crisis. The Grape Family Dynamic The family has fallen into a pattern of dysfunction. This consists of Arnie acting out in some way. The behavior of Arnie causes Gilbert to assume responsibility and diffuse the situation. Most
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