What 's For Dinnert.v?

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What 's for Dinner T.V? Television is the center of most people 's lives and when you are extremely young it usually is your whole life. Picture this you are at the grocery store and you child asks for a specific cereal nonstop, why is this? It is because they probably saw a commercial that appealed to them causing them to ask for that product. Now this can be truly harmful because obesity is the number one cause of death today and you just bought your child that cereal not looking at the nutrition label on the back. Or maybe you did and just didn’t understand what you were truly reading, because these companies are not just fooling children but many parents as well. Among children obesity is sadly common and is killing today’s youth in America, commercials such McDonalds, Trix cereal, Sunny D, and Coca cola are targeting to young children causing this epidemic. These ads on the television are killing children by promoting unhealthy products and are in control of what a child wants to eat for breakfast lunch, and dinner. This is why Ads for food should have equal air time, for every unhealthy commercial getting air time their needs to be a healthy one airing too.
These Ads are appealing to children because they are placing children’s favorite cartoon characters on their products. McDonalds is a pro at having a commercial that has well known characters from an up in coming movie along with a toy. A specific example of this is the Peanuts happy meal commercial, where…

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