What 's Going On At Frog 's Leap Winery?

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What’s going on at Frog’s Leap Winery? Frog’s Leap Winery is located in Napa, California has recently made steps to become more socially responsible and self-sustainable. This case analysis will study the effectiveness of the company’s newly implemented strategies and provides constructive feedback for the company. The winery industry is highly populated and Frog’s Leap Winery is only one of the thousands that consumers have to select from. The current market is very health conscious and these “green” consumers focus primarily on “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. The company has expanded it’s vineyards and increased it’s net sales with the past 10 years by emphasizing to the importance of the “triple bottom line,” which the…show more content…
The company has also made steps towards moving closer to an energy self-efficiency. By opening the “industry’s first LEED-certified wine tasting and office facility,” using recyclables, the company has been able to again lower cost. Lastly, the companies’ desirable employee benefits for immigrant laborers have also play a huge role of their company culture. Frog Leap Winery utilized methods in order to become more sustainable and has been successful thus far. The company appears to be on the right track to becoming a fully self-sustainable company despite changes in the economy. The sustainable measure Frog’s Leap has implemented fail directly in line with the features of the triple bottom line. Frog’s Leap needs to measure “the impacts of their activities upon “people, planet, and profit – that is, how it created social, environmental, and economic value.” Leap Frog has managed to effectively make an impact on all of the aspect of the triple bottom line thus displaying the company’s progression towards self-sufficiency. How would you go about measuring Frog’s Leap’s efforts to become sustainable? I would measure Frog’s Leap efforts to become sustainable by measuring its impact on the elements included in the triple bottom line: production, fluctuations and changes in operating expenses under these new sustainable practices. See chart attached in Appendix. In addition to these measures, the

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