What 's Meant By Person Centred And Coordinated Care

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I would like to start by defining what’s meant by person centred and coordinated care. Person Centred has various definitions yet not one that’s universally accepted. Debra De Silva in her review for The Health Foundation describes it as supporting “people to make informed decisions about, and to successfully manage, their own health and care, yet able to make informed decisions and choose when to invite others to act on their behalf” (2014, pg. 2). It essentially means that the care given places the patient in control and everything else is built around that. Professor Don Berwick sums it up as “the experience of transparency, individualisation, recognition, respect, dignity, and choice in all matters, without exception, related to one’s…show more content…
There are many components of implementing person centred coordinated care but I’ll highlight those I feel are important. Firstly, evidence shows that there needs to be a fundamental understanding that patient choice matters. According to Hartley and Benington (2010, pp. 2-5) there are greater expectations from patients and communities for more personalised and flexible care. Research shows that a patient’s decision regarding treatment change when they’re well informed and this can only mean a better experience of care for a patient. For example, an international Cochrane Review that included 11 trials involving major elective surgeries showed that demand declined by 20% after patients became well informed (Mulley et al, 2012). This also leads to greater convenience for patients and having the option to go where they like and when they like for care can only become a reality when true integration and coordination is achieved within the healthcare system. This relies on clinicians accepting that they don’t know best when it comes to patient preferences and letting them decide their own preferences for receiving care and the settings where to receive it. I was involved in a service redesign for the phlebotomy service at Burton Hospitals NHS foundation trust where patients wanted a service that operated earlier then the normal opening time of 9:00 am. I worked with the patients and staff to find a solution where the service
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