What 's Not Known Won 't Hurt

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What’s Not Known Won’t Hurt
In the society of Brave New World, stability came at the sacrifice of the freedom to acquire knowledge. As a result, the citizens’ lack of suitable and adequate comprehension resulted in the past and parenting being highly demeaned. The disregarding of the past was established and sustained by the society’s founders and leader in several different ways. In the eyes of the World Controllers, history had to be debased in order prevent the citizens’ realization of the totalitarianism and inequality present in the modern society. They ensured this by restraining the majority of historical information and also by educating individuals that the past was a nightmarish time. Similarly, parenting had to be degraded so that the society’s virtues of predetermined life roles and polygamy were upheld. Consequently, it was discredited in three ways: the association of extremely negative information with parents and familial life, the labeling of pregnancy as barbaric, and the purposeful and maintained ignorance of citizens regarding pregnancy and parenting. By exploring how and why the past and parenting were demeaned in the Brave New World society, one can gain a more sufficient understanding regarding the overarching concept of the novel: stability vs. freedom.
The World Controllers knew that if the citizens acquired the knowledge that the past was a time where there was personal freedom, they would realize the tyranny, inequality, and injustice…
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