What 's On Your Plate?

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What’s On Your Plate? A family sits down for a meal, in front of them are all the items on the food pyramid such as dairy and fresh fruits and vegetables, would the meal be the same if the family only had $50 a week to spend on groceries? The answer to this question which so many American families are forced to answer is no. Do to this low amount of money minimum wage workers are not able to get the nutritional value needed to survive on their paychecks alone because to be nutritious you need a well rounded diet which includes fresh fruits and vegetables which are some of the most expensive food items and are not available on most programs like SNAP. Wages hover around $8.15 an hour and most people work around 40 hour work weeks that gives $326 for the week. This is excludes taxes, then families have to take into consideration the number of mouths to feed and how many meals are needed. This has to be done on top of other expenses. The final cost ends up being around $50 or like the statistic from Feeding America, “Nearly nine out of ten (89%) client households with employment report an annual household income of $30,000 or less”(Feeding America). At the beginning of this research experiment the goal was to get 3 meals a day for a week and keep the grand total under $50. The other part of the research was to also make the meals nutritious in the terms of what is nutritionally needed day to day. Nutritious is “providing nourishment, especially to a high

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