What 's One Of The Most Famous Morning Stimulant Drink? Coffee

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What’s one of the most famous morning stimulant drinks? Coffee. Coffee is in the top ten, but is the number 1 drink on the list of food and beverage items traded all across the world. One year coffee’s trade value was above 15 billion dollars. Brazil, in South America, is the biggest producer and exporter of coffee in the world. Vietnam, Indonesia, and Columbia are after Brazil in coffees’ production and exporting. The biggest importers of coffee are Europe, being the top, and followed by the U.S. and Japan. America gets its coffee from Brazil and Indonesia. We spend 1.2 billion on coffee, tea, and spices from Brazil and 531.9 million on coffee, spices and tea from Indonesia. The biggest consumers of coffee is Europe. The U.S. and Brazil…show more content…
The second way is called selective picking. During this method the way to get the berries is to only choose the berries that are ripe and ready, but they have to have people rotate throughout 8-10 days to get all of them. The strip picked way is easier because it can be done by machine or hand and it takes up less time. The selectively picked way requires more time, is expensive, and it has to be done by hand. In most countries there is just one harvest a year, but some have two which include a main crop and a secondary crop. They are then sent to a processing plant. There is also two ways for the berries to be processed. The first way is called the dry method. The berries are spread out on something and dried in the sun. To prevent spoiling the beans are mixed daily. The beans are covered at night and when it rains to keep them dry. This process can take up to 7 weeks. The second way is the wet method. The pulp and skin are first separated from the bean. They are then separated by weight and size. After this they put in water fermentation tanks to get the beans’ slick layer off. The beans can be in the water for anywhere from 12 to 48 hours. The beans are ready to be dried. They can do like method 1 and be dried and turns regularly in the sun or in machines called tumblers. Finally, after the milling of the beans, they are ready to be bagged and exported to their destinations. The makers of coffee try their best to make their coffee the
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