What 's Taking Place Around The World? Essay

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In the past few years, there been a strong focus on globalization and educations. For this reason, issues of culture are brought up. The problem with culture is maintaining it, and one of the questions that are asked when culture is a topic of interest is how can individuals maintain their cultural identity but still be open to a culture different from theirs? Globalization, as defined by Wan Shun Eva Lam, is what 's taking place around the world concerning integration, migration of labor, growth of media and the rise of communication, and culture transformation that challenge traditional social structure (Wan Shun Eva Lam. 214) This position paper focuses on the issue of culture in globalization and education, and how culture has a huge influence on people around the world and their education. Some people tend to place their culture above all others, but in fact, culture is what makes everyone unique and different. Culture helps bring people together who has different ideology, beliefs, language, and traditions. People learn from each other because they are different. What culture a person has mattered in terms of parenting, learning, and early childhood development. The importance of culture in globalization and education is that it affects everyone because everyone has their own culture that distinguishes them from others. Culture shape who we are, it 's something that shapes our thinking and behavior (Nieto, S. 127). As Nieto explain culture is not a

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