What 's The Big Deal With Big Lips?

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So what 's the big deal with Big Lips? How big is too big? And of course, the question everyone is asking: "If I keep getting my lips plumped up on a regular basis, will my offspring have naturally bigger lips???"
Well, if you believe in the theory of Pangenesis, then definitely keep getting your lips plumped so your children will have nice, plump, pouty lips naturally! I think we can all agree that big, pink lips are a sign of youthfulness, sexiness and above all, fertility. Whether we do it consciously or not, our society is obsessed with attracting a mate to procreate, and nothing says "PICK ME! PICK ME!" like a pair of luscious, full lips adorned with shimmering strawberry flavored lip gloss.

So the question is: what should I do and what really works? If you are a member of the Brazilian Suya tribe or the African Mursi tribe, or a member of the small, but growing Suya/Mursi Western followers, you 'll have to invest in a "lip plate" and wear it rather consistently. This is actually a good example against the theory of Pangenesis, given that the children of these tribal women were born with normal sized lips. Remember that beauty is culturally relative and that even within the same culture, we have generational and geographical differences as to what constitutes the "ideal beauty". I will thus limit myself to the cosmetic surgery obsessed Western culture, since not everyone subscribes to National Geographic.

Before I address the popular injection method for achieving a…

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