What 's The Whole Point Of School Uniforms?

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What’s the whole point of school uniforms? Do we really need to spend billions of dollars on them? Let’s express our style with the clothes and the colors we wear by getting rid of school uniforms! School uniforms make the school plain and we need to express our own style, make it colorful! School uniforms don’t change the way people act, and you can still bully others. Proponents say that school uniforms are an advantage on how to judge an intruder, but opponents say that school uniforms are a disadvantage on how to express your style. We should get rid of these uniforms. Is spending billions of dollars on school uniforms worth it? Is it gonna make a difference to the school? According to procon.org, Americans spend around 1 billion dollars on school uniforms.. Is that worth it? Students would rather have a little fun at school than suffer the price of school uniforms. School uniforms don’t even judge if an intruder is on campus. So why make the parents suffer from not being able to pay the money for school uniforms.? According to greatschools.org, it would be hard for poor families to pay for school uniforms. So why would you have to basically pay to go to school? If you don’t pay then you’ll probably not be able to go to school and that’ll make parents mad. School uniforms shouldn’t stop you from expressing your style and colors. If you were to be put into the principal shoe’s, would you have school uniforms? The cost of uniforms take away students freedom to express
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