What 's Wrong With Cinderella?

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Both in the traditional setup and in the contemporary advanced world, it would be normal for parents to worry about the environment in which their children grow. Parents would want to know and influence the kind of friends their children keep because to their belief, the company a child keeps would influence her general behavior as they grow into adulthood. This particular concern of parents about their children is usually massively informed by the gender of their children. For girls, parents would want them to grow into women who would be capable of keeping up with the many challenges and gender stereotypes that face them in the society. For instance, parents would not want their girl child to grow with the notion that they would only be successful by marrying men who are well off. In this respect, this paper analyzes the article “What’s wrong with Cinderella?” authored by Peggy Orenstein and whose major argument is that a girl child should not grow up with her mind preoccupied with the flashy life led by princesses. Peggy Orenstein’s argument about the growth of the girl child is about the now prevalent craze of the “princess” that is now being embraced by many girls. According to this author, the personality of girls later in their life would be massively affected by this trend. In Orenstein’s view, princesses and the kind of life they lead are now being commercialized by entertainment companies such as Disney. The results of such commercialization have seen
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