What 's Wrong With Online Marketing Advertising Practices

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There are a number of types of products you should actively avoid. If you 've read our two-part series about "Honest Marketing Techniques - What 's Wrong With Online Marketing Advertising Practices" you already know there are issues with uncontrolled advertising on the internet. Perhaps you 've already been burned by purchasing a bad product, or with luck, you 've only been suspicious that a given product may not be what it seems to be. In part one of this three-part series, we will first look at blind advertisements.

There is some similarity in product launches being seen lately, especially with ClickBank launches. It isn 't a problem with ClickBank per se, but as one of the most popular third party organizations involved with selling
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Blind copy on a $37 or $77 price point will sell the living daylights out of your product. It will also destroy your customer list you just built, send refunds through the roof and create support nightmares. Yes, I know that if you are an affiliate, you don 't have to deal with the support issues, but you will have lower income and ClickBank will withhold larger amounts from your checks to cover the anticipated refund rates.

Compare that to the copy for an ethical advertisement. You get real information about what you ARE going to get, so you know what to expect when you download the product. You don 't get exaggerated claims about how you will feel, or perhaps how much money you will make, but you will get concrete information about what the product actually is and what benefits it provides.

I personally would never recommend any product that I haven 't purchased myself and found to be effective, and certainly not any product that doesn 't provide up front information about exactly what it is.

Second Rule: "Loopholes" and "secrets" are Blind too.

If the advertising copy promises a newly discovered "loophole", you should be very, very careful about the product. You should be aware that the great majority of "loopholes" are soon closed, often even before major sales occur for the product that supposedly takes advantage of them.

Think about it for
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