What the Hubble Telescope Has Taught Us

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Abstract The needs for an instrument that would take images of the universe from the space were inevitable since there were so many challenges studying space and the universe from earth. The Hubble telescope, named after the great scientist who confirmed the big bang theory, was the solution to this and it has been in space for the more than 20 years it was supposed to live. Over the time, the telescope has sent home so much information that mankind has realized how little they knew about the universe. This paper covers the needs for the Hubble telescope in space, the impacts that it has had in physics and science and what eventually happens to the telescope when its time expires. Introduction Scientists have always been fascinated…show more content…
The Goddard space flight centre is the location at which messages are transmitted from the telescope. There are, however, four antennae involved in sending and receiving messages to and from the Hubble telescope. The communication to the telescope happens by use of the tracking and data relay satellite system with five located in different locations in the sky (NASA, 2012). Naturally, it would be thought that satellite visibility is very important in the delivery of information but the crux of the matter is that it does not affect anything since messages are transmitted well in advance. Sometimes, when there is no visible satellite in the line of transmission, there is a special data recorder lodged in the Hubble telescope which stores information and promptly sends when a satellite is visible. The telescope has so many scientific equipments which include computers and other communication devices and all have to be powered. It is not possible to fit in batteries that are sufficient enough to power the telescope its entire life, and, therefore, the telescope is fitted with solar arrays which collect solar energy to be used in running the entire system (University of Manitoba, 2009). It is, however, important to note that there are batteries fixed so that the telescope has energy to run during the time when the telescope is under the shadow of the earth in

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