What the U.S. Government Shut Down Teaches Us About Organizational Corruption

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What the U.S. Government Shut Down Teaches us about Organizational Corruption
Brian Pinkowski
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The 2013 U.S. Government shut down demonstrates the powerful and destructive effects of conflicts of interest on groups, nations, and the global community. Notwithstanding press releases to the contrary, it is fairly clear that the repeated refusal to come to agreement on national policy over the last few decades is strongly linked to the interests of Democrats and Republicans to establish favorable positions to benefit their respective organizations for the coming
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Willingness to promote subgroup purposes (Political party purposes) over those of the larger group (U.S. society) has been observable in the U.S. Congress and Senate for several decades. Fundamentally, this is a disagreement with the larger policy. (A disagreement on the primacy of the larger policy.)

Disagreement with the important purposes of the U.S. Constitution (“insure domestic tranquility, promote general welfare . . . for ourselves and our posterity”) and rationalizing the supremacy of the interests of political parties over those larger societal goals, has demonstrably weakened current U.S. society and imposed large burdens on future generations. Further, it has further weakened the U.S. reputation vis-à-vis other nations.

Political parties in the U.S., however, understand the importance of adherence to their own policies and have systems in place that they follow to impose “party discipline.” Again, their willingness to “discipline” their party officials for failure to stay focused on party goals (ahead of larger U.S. goals), creates a conflict of interest that is destructive to the larger group.

Correcting Refusal to Follow Policy

Groups, whether corporate or government, face similar difficulties. Subgroups within a corporation will periodically oppose or disregard otherwise rational goals and policies, sometimes to extreme or even criminal ends.

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