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The first gray hair: what to do?
Gray hair - known sign of aging. However, the first gray hairs may appear quite early, even before the onset of wrinkles. Bad mood, uncertainty, apathy - all this may be accompanied by the first gray hair. Whether to immediately record yourself in the old woman, if you can effectively deal with the situation?
Causes of gray hair can be very different: age, genetics, chemical changes, or environmental impact. The problem is that the natural way to increase the amount of melanin impossible. Therefore, getting gray hair, the whole strategy is reduced to disguise, conceal gray hair. There are several ways that help to do it. Here are the 6 main secrets of, select yours.

1. Snatching gray hair

If you see
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Such rinsing sometimes resorted to preserve color-treated hair . But also to adjust the method of gray suit. The trick is to add a bit of paint in the shampoo, or use ready-coloring shampoo. And every time when washing your hair you "paint" their gray hairs. The method is not stable, but its advantage is that it is absolutely not spoil your hair and scalp.

4. Semipermanent hair coloring

This option staining that is not washed off when washing your hair, but is gentler compared with a permanent. Semi permanent gives healthy hair color and shine, but it lasts a maximum of 12 applications of shampoo.

Such a paint can be purchased for home use or painted Semi-permanent in the cabin. You may have doubts - whether to use Impermanent, because if wash my hair every other day, the paint will not last a month on hair. Whether it is beneficial when you consider that the cost Semi-permanent nearly the same as those resistant paint? The advantage is. You will be much easier to come back to the color, there is no problem contrasting regrown hair roots and unkempt appearance. So - consider the option of semi-permanent staining.

5. Resistant dye

This method utilizes the strong concentration of hydrogen peroxide to obtain a permanent result. It is clear that it is more dangerous for the condition of the hair way, although staining will last longer (more than 24 applications of shampoo).

One piece of advice - get help from a professional. Salon painting
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