What to Do After Graduation in Major in Success by Patrick Combs

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There is a majority of university students worldwide who have something in common: they have no idea what they will do after they graduate. Some students may have several ideas came out, but they never make them come true. There are plenty of people who have difficulty to know what they are passionate in, and even they can do but most never have the extraordinary drive necessary to go for their dreams. At this difficult time, there is a book walked to me, “Major in Success” written by Patrick Combs, which is a book that is to help people find their true dream job and become successful, and also it helped me find the true purpose of studying in university. This book pointed out that “doing what you enjoy propels you to success”. It means doing what you enjoy is the core to find your dream job. If one has a job that pays well but he never get happiness from it, and instead of fears, tears and no cheers. He also brings their fears from work to their lives and families and makes these people who are outside of his job feel sad and then, that will destroy a big and happy environment. This book tells people how to make their dreams come true. People who follow their dreams are the meaning of living in the world and the way to get happiness. And everyone has this ability to achieve this goal; what they need to do is only to possess extraordinary drive. From the book, the author says repeatedly that when people get graduated, no one cares about your GPA. Patrick Combs said that
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