What to Do When There Is an Increase in the Number of Customer Complaints

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Increase number of customer complaints Four leadership characteristics: Managing complaints is not an easy task for any manager’s list of problems. It’s easy to disgrace any work or write complaints. Some times complaints are small or some are big so manager’s need to work with open mind on solving complaints, because these complaints directly or indirectly going to affect the reputation of any organization. To solve complaints we need to go in process. Four characteristics that manager have to keep in mind as leader are- a. Facilitator guide. b. Communication. c. Building confidence. d. Be optimistic. Facilitator guide: Leader should guide the team what work we have do, what are our targets and what is the ultimate goal. Workers should be clear with the work they have allotted and should have profound knowledge to complete that ask if they are not eligible to work teach then make them understand well ,teach them in classes with best of your knowledge . Communication: Leader must have good level of connection with worker. To achieve connection there should be two-way communication between workers and leader, positively exchange their ideas about good working of organization and reward them with awards for being a good employee. Building confidence: To get better result from workers leaders should provide them with good working environment and confidence. Leader should support them, show faith and facilitate them towards attaining organizational goals

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