Essay on What to Do about the Issue of Overcrowded Prisons in the US

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There has been a huge debate on overcrowded prisons and the many issues that surround them. Some think we should open more prisons and some think otherwise. Some express their thoughts of treatment facilities and others think of how all effects the taxpayers. No matter what angle of this argument is being looked at, it is an issue that needs to be resolved with least consequences for everyone and to really consider all approaches with care. In 2007 88% of the prison population was due to substance abuse problems and addictions. The other small percent is due to conscious crime and violence. If the issue is narrowed down to this then there is some think to fix. If we break down the cost of prisons due to addiction rehabs and…show more content…
It is not always good to have low inmate costs due to the results of overcrowding, nor is it a good thing to have higher inmate costs which may be due to cost that help reduce reoffending inmates. The more appropriate object is to be cost-effective by spending resources effectively to get the best possible result, both as in individual cost for those who return to the community and as to improved public safety The facts expressed from “Drug War Facts”, “On Dec. 31, 2012, there were 196,574 sentenced prisoners under federal jurisdiction. Of these, 99,426 were serving time for drug offenses, 11,688 for violent offenses, 11,568 for property offenses, and 72,519 for "public order" offenses (of which 23,700 were sentenced for immigration offenses, 30,046 for weapons offenses, and 17,633 for "other"). Aw we can see what the majority of offences are. State: On Dec. 31, 2011, there were 1,341,797 sentenced prisoners under state jurisdiction. Of these, 222,738 were serving time for drug offenses, of which 55,013 were merely convicted for possession. There were also 717,861 serving time for violent offenses, 249,574 for property offenses, 142,230 for "public order" offenses (which include weapons, drunk driving, court offenses, commercialized vice, morals and decency offenses, liquor law violations, and other public-order offenses), and 9,392 for "other offences not specified". Local jail inmates State
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