What to Do in Case of a Pandemia

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There are many pandemics that could happen to most Americans. Such as Black outs, zombie apocalypse, government collapse, nuclear fallout etc. if one was to survive the pandemic here are some skills that might be a necessity. Knowing first aid is a priority. In a situation that calls for first aid it is important to remember the” Three C’s “Calm Cool and Collected. You must stay calm cool and collective in order to not escalate you hart rate making you bleed more or spread poisoning faster than normal. Even though one is calm cool and collective one still must move at a fast pace in order to address the problem at hand. In a survival situation a person should not take any risk that is not necessary or helpful to his well-being. If it is a large epidemic one should look for survivors around him for help. Even though one might want to survive on his own it is better to survive as a unit, and it will be more productive than doing it on his own[Dual Survival]. If one is assessing others around he should ask what they are feeling then checks his breathing, and look for any visible wounds on the body. If there are wounds on the body apply pressure with a shirt or gauze if available, apply the material available till the bleeding is no longer visible. If the persons leg is broken or fractured, one can use a branch to stabilize and create a make shift cast in a survival situation [the complete sas survival manual]. If sunburned keep cold water on it and wrap it up

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