What to Do with Howard

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Taleisha LaCroix MGT 362 What Do We Do with Howard? Agrigreen, Inc. has done a lot of moving employees from one position to another. Either someone chose to retire or step down, or they were promoted or transferred. Howard is a guy who obviously does not see himself the way others may see him. They simply have different perceptions. Howards seems like a man who tried his very best at one point. His best performance may not be equal to another persons’ best performance. He was often teased due to the perception of having no work ethic. Not identifying that trait within himself, Howard felt out-casted around the work place and seemed to display some acceptance issues. Even when he found someone that he could relate…show more content…
No one attempted to identify the problem. Howard Lineberry, Lead Surveyor Lineberry had some education. The education that he had received was not enough to demonstrate efficient and effective work at Agrigreen. He did well enough with his first supervisor to accomplish the mission. Howard seems to be a man who needed direction and guidance. Without the proper guidance, he was close to lost. As I compared his actions with his first supervisor to his actions with his second supervisor I realized that there seemed to be a lack of performance satisfaction. This dissatisfaction occurred as Howard was expected to do the work on his own. He had little to no guidance in getting the tasks done. Although he perceived that his first boss was a tough one, Howard got along well with him. He appreciated the guidance and direction that was given. This was a form of daily training. He made an honest attempt to do well on his own, but maybe his way of doing things were just different. Howard didn’t fit into this organizational culture. I will not say that Howard did not have any values but I will venture to say that he did not share the same values and beliefs that many of the other workers shared. The leaders and other employees were paying attention to work ethic and competence. If Howard is a worker worth keeping, then behavior modification would help. The use of an

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