What to Seize in the Crackdown on Child Pornography?

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What to seize in the crackdown on child pornography Computers form the initial process of production of pornographic material. The unlimited computer access by people of all ages, form a basis of inception, production, printing, distribution and trading in child pornography (Foster, 2005). The advancement of the electronic age in information technology and the rise of computer applications enable persons of all ages to access and use computers. As such, the seizure of the computer used in the promotion of child pornography ensures the first step gets arrested. This ensures that production, viewing, distribution and selling of child-related pornographic materials undergoes primary prevention. Computer hard disks act as back-up and storage for materials, financial details from sales and phone and email contacts for users of child pornographic materials. Therefore, the search warrant need include the hard disk and other external memories that may hold any incriminating information on the behavior of suspected child perverts. These back-ups provide vital information that may serve as evidence against suspected dealers, users, possessors and transmitters of child related porn materials (Foster, 2005). They further hold a key to the financial dealings involving porn materials. The production and storage, of child pornographic materials, in compact discs and DVDs, provide an easy way for dealers to supply porn material to their clients and other end users. Therefore, a

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