What to Write in Individual Report

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To help you in the process of reflecting upon your experience, it may be useful to consider the following questions: * What were we trying to achieve? * What did I see as my role in the group? * How did my personality impact upon that role? * What were the consequences of my actions for: * The conduct of the project (timescales, deadlines, deliverables) * My understanding as to the nature of the problem/issue/opportunity being investigated * How did I feel about this experience when it was happening? * How did the group feel about it? * How do I know how the group felt about it? * What internal factors influenced my decision making? * What external factors influenced my decision…show more content…
* Could I have done this better? * It might be very useful to keep a log of your experiences during the conduct of the project in order to act as an aid memoire when putting together this section. * Reflection should, whenever possible, be informed by and discussed in the context of relevant theory e.g. that relating to team dynamics, leadership or conflict resolution. It’s important that
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