What was Life in Auschwitz like? Essay

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In June, 1940, the Auschwitz Concentration Camp opened; this camp would later be the home and death place of hundreds of thousands of prisoners. Jews, Poles, and Gypsies made up the large majority of prisoners in the camp. Life in Auschwitz included living in undesirable conditions, and being kept on a very strict schedule day in, day out.
Once Auschwitz was fully completed it held twenty eight, two-story blocks. Each block was made to house 700 prisoners, but when put to use, each block held around 1,200 prisoners. When the camp was first put to use, the rooms had no furniture; this meant that prisoners had to sleep on straw-stuffed mattresses. Eventually the rooms were stocked with wooden bunks, tables, stools, wardrobes, and a coal-burning stove. In the beginning they also had to use a latrine outside, but eventually toilets and urinals were installed on the ground floor. Within the camp there were different sectors; sector B1 was the oldest part of the camp and held two different types of barracks. There were brick barracks, which had brick or concrete floors. There was no heating in the barracks during winter, and no indoor bathrooms. The second types of barracks were the wooden ones; these had no windows, and were divided into 18 stalls because of their original use for horses. In sector B1, water was only available in the kitchen during the start of the camp. This meant that prisoners were unable to wash, and therefore walked around filthy. They also had to use the…