What was the Cause of the Peloponnesian War

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These conflicts lasted from 431 until 404 BC. This is a war brought about by disputes between Athens and Sparta on how to deal with their allies. According to Burn, (123), the Peloponnesian War was between the rivals Athens and Sparta. It was a war ignited by insignificant civil conflicts and spurred by interests from third party cities. Violent disputes erupted between them and the war began when Sparta issued ultimatums to Athens. The Spartans wanted Athens to lift its economic sanctions against the Megara city. Ultimately, Sparta finally won the war by completely destroying the Athenian fleet with the financial help from Persia. A number of reasons caused the war. First, it was because of the ultimatums issued to Athens by Sparta, the Athenians control of the Delian League and their naval alliance, and Athens alliance with Leontini and Corcyra and the contest between Corinth and Athens over Corcyra. The main cause of the Peloponnesian War was when Spartans issued ultimatums to Athens. Sparta promised attacks if Athens did not lift its economic sanctions against the Megara city. Megara city was Spartan’s ally that was on the West of the Athenians territory. The Athenians had forbidden the Megarians from trading in the Athenian empire harbors (Hanson, 134). This was a blow to both Megara and Sparta because; they got income from trading in the harbors. The dispute over these sanctions…
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