What was the purpose of the Nazca Lines?

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The Nazca lines is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. There are many strange lines and drawings in the earth, but none of them are as complex and full of meaning and mysteries like the Nazca lines are, but why? Why were these large and complex pieces of art built? The Nazca Lines were constructed and assembled close to where modern Nazca is. These lines range from a couple thousand feet, to a couple of miles long, and also have never been blown away, they have maintain to stay in tack for thousands of years. There are thousands of different lines, and people are still discovering new lines. These lines are almost impossible to see from the ground, they were only visible from up in the sky such as a plane, but why? The biggest mystery of the Nazca lines is why the Nazca people would build such huge and wonderful pictures, if they couldn’t see what they built after they were done. What does this mean, is the biggest question asked about the Nazca lines. There are hundreds of theories about the Nazca lines such as aliens came down and built them to send a message to the humans, or that the gods made them so that the people can see them. The two theories that make the most sense are that the Nazca people were trying to a line the drawings with the constellations of the stars, or that the Nazca people built them to show respect and worship the gods in a way of pictures because of what the Nazca people saw every day. I do not…
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