What we Talk About When We Talk about Love by Raymond Carver

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The story started with a group of four people drinking gin in a room. The first man to say the first word was Herb. Herb was a cardiologist his specialty was the heart. He started talking about the value of love. “Love is somewhat spiritual or agape in nature,” (1) He said. Herb also thought that the real love was nothing less than spiritual love. Herb’s idea of love was totally different with his wife’s idea of love. Terri was another member from the group. She told her friends that she had come out of an abusive relationship that she still claims her ex, Carl. Carl was a suicidal, violent, and emotionally individual. He loved her that much that Herb thought her beliefs of love were crazy if she thought being beat and dragged around what people call love. Carver shows a huge amount of experiences. For example, the impact of our beliefs and definitions on things that many people experience every day.
The story shows how love impacts a person’s behavior and what they begin to accept in these kinds of situations. Terri shares her experience with her mistreat ex-husband. Her ex-husband’s name was Carl he was a badly person with her. But no matter what he was doing Terri still believed Carl loved her because he said he did and other actions besides the mistreated from him to her, and that made her believe he did. She did not even reply to him saying, “I love you, don’t you see? I love you, bitch” (2) as he pulls her across the entire house. “People are totally
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