What’S So Great About America?. In The Essay “What’S So

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What’s So Great about America? In the essay “What’s so great about America” by Dinesh D’Souza, the India born author shares his experience while living in America. D’Souza first starts his essay saying “Here is a country where everything works”(D’Souza 237-238), everything from the highway sign to properly working public toilets. He also emphasized how overwhelmed an immigrant can find themselves while visiting a supermarket for the first time. D’Souza then compares America to most countries today that does not have the most basic of health care products like deodorant which “is unavailable in much of the Third World”. New immigrants and people all over the world are witnessing the lifestyle of the poor in America living well, other…show more content…
Because of the standard of living in America no “socialist or revolution schemes” (D’Souza 238) ever erupt in the United States. Lastly, D’Souza state that people in America have a better life because having wealth (money) is not the end of their goals rather money is used to supplement their lavish lifestyle to another level. America is great because it is the land of opportunity, the poor and working class can live comfortably, the sick are taken care of, free education for children to give them an early advantages, and the rich respect their service providers. Giving that D’Souza is an immigrant from India, a country that is far less superior and wealthy compare to America, the article was a little bias from the author’s perspective. Although, his argument is well-back with facts. First, D’Souza said “here is a country where everything works” (D’Souza 237-238), that’s true for the most part, especially if you an immigrant who is not used to seeing these things function properly in your own country. Second, D’Souza shows his bias tone when he claim the United States is “unaffected by the inequalities of wealth”, perhaps that’s because D’Souza saw how the wealthiest in his country treated the poor that made him blind to see the truth. Although D’Souza did have some sarcastic and humorous tone in the article, one of his friends told him America is a “country where poor people are fat” (D’Souza 238). Furthermore, his tone changed when he brought up the Bill Gate and
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