Whatcom Fall Park Gasoline Pipeline Explosion

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On June 10th, 1999 a gasoline pipeline ruptured in Whatcom Falls Park. This park is located in Bellingham, Washington where the pipeline was controlled by the Olympic Pipeline Company. This break in the gasoline pipeline let over a million liters of gasoline flow into a nearby river in the park. After about an hour and a half the gasoline in the river ignited and caught on fire. The fire burnt along the river for one and a half miles. As a result of the gasoline catching on fire, three people were killed with another eight people injured. It has been estimated that total damages to property reach as high as 45 million dollars. This pipeline explosion was a horrible disaster that could have been avoided for a variety of reasons. There are multiple important people and organizations involved with this gasoline pipeline explosion. The most important would be the Olympic Pipeline Company itself. The Olympic Pipeline Company is operated by BP Pipelines. BP Pipelines is the second largest pipeline company in the United States. There were a few important employees involved in this case that worked for Olympic. There were the inspectors of the gasoline pipeline, which were to inspect the pipeline’s mechanics. Also, there were the employees who were responsible for installing a pressure relief system that did not work. In addition, the computer system administrator was very important since this person was working on the software development of the pipeline’s control system during

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