What's Behind United States Immigration (Exploratory Essay)

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Mellizza Lansang
Prof: M Jacob Broderick
9 October 2012
What is behind US Immigration?
Illegal immigration has been a huge problem of United States for a long period of time. There are two common ways of how people come to US illegally; first is to cross the border between Mexico and US; second is to overstay when they come to US as a visitor. Why do people want to come to the United States if they are going to be here illegally? Simply, because those illegal immigrants want to have a better life than what they have back in their homeland; but the question here is why then did people come to the United States illegally if they are not getting any benefits? As I asked myself this question, my mind begun to think about the
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He also gave example of the leaders of our nation such as Martin Luther King, Jr., who fought with the unjust laws. Not taking action wouldn’t help anybody; Kavanaugh proposed giving “legal status to anyone who contributes to our common good.” He also suggests considering the immigrant’s status for amnesty.
This article could attract many Christian readers because he used the bible in his argument, but I don’t find Kavanaugh’s article to be persuasive and I had a hard time agreeing with his view. In my point of view church and state are two different institutions; not everything in the Bible can be apply in our government law. I didn’t like how he used the undocumented family’s status as a reason for them to be here illegally because it is not fair to the immigrants who worked hard and who loan money to come to United States. I admit that NAFTA could be one of the reasons of their sufferings in their life; it’s still not enough reason to immigrate to United States illegally. I didn’t like the argument that people who contribute to the community should not be labeled “illegal.” They should be called “illegal”, illegal means not authorized and as illegal
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