What´s Big Data

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Big Data, from its name it can implies

that it is data which is very large, which is in huge amount. Big Data is little bit a unsuitable

name .Big Data only implies that it is talking only about the quantity of data in its only challenge

is to handle large amount of data. But it is not like that , term Big Data not only indicate size

of data ,but with this problem of handling such a large amount of data also come . Companies

have large amount of data but they do not know how to extract useful information from it.

Thus, extracting useful information from huge amount of data is one of the big challenge.

Another challenge is storage. Day by day, amount of data which the company has to store is

increasing. Storing such huge amount of data is very expensive [1]. Then the term Cloud came

into existence which allow us to store this huge amount of data in a comparatively less cost.

Database is a collection of related information which help us to find useful information from

it. Database must be in an organized manner, information in an unorganized manner has no


Cloud database is a database i.e . collection of related information that is store in cloud. Cloud

database run on Cloud Computing platform. Some cloud computing platform are Amazon

EC2, Google Cloud Platform and Rackspace. Cloud Database enable the user to access the data

according to their demand, requirement via Internet. Term…

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