What´s Complicated UTI?

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Clinically UTIs are subdivided into two main categories, uncomplicated and complicated. An uncomplicated UTI is defined as one occurring in a generally healthy, nonpregnant premenopausal woman with a structurally and neurologically normal urinary tract. This type can undoubtedly be treated with antimicrobials, but developing antimicrobial resistances make treatments progressively troublesome (Wanget al., 2013).
Complicated UTI occurs in the presence of a foreign body, for example, catheters or calculi, or in patients with impeded urinary tract structure or function, as is the case with urinary obstruction, pregnancy, immunosuppression; or retention due to neurologic debilitation (Hooton, 2012)& (Levison et al 2013).
Catheter-associated UTIs
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