What´s Conviction?

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INTRODUCTION There is wrongful conviction when a person who is innocent in the charges leveled against him is found guilty of the offenses and as a result have to serve the penalty for it. There is also wrongful conviction when a person who committed a crime is found innocent due to lack of enough evidence to convict the accomplice and as a result the innocent percent person is convicted. In a nutshell conviction is said to be wrong when an innocent person is found guilty and the guilty person goes free without charges.
A wrongful conviction has caught the media’s attention for a while and it has become a big problem for the United States and its citizens. Wrongful convictions pose a problem for the criminal justice system in this country and most citizens don’t know longer believe in the criminal justice system since they don’t get fair judgment from it. People are now been wrongfully convicted and some of the factors that contributes to this wrongful convictions includes the following; forensic evidence errors, eyewitness misidentification, false confession, criminal history of the defendants, misinterpretation of facts by judges, snitches, incompetent lawyers etc. All the above factors coupled with many that I couldn’t state contribute to many people been wrongfully convicted and making people loose trust in the criminal justice system.
Faith and trust between the citizens and the criminal justice system will be restored if the above factors are been checked and
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