What´s Corporate Social Responsibilities?

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1. Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) is about how companies make profits in an ethical way. Coca-Cola has adhered to this principle and had removed a chemical ingredient(brominated vegetable oil BVO) from its drink, a chemical associated with memory loss. BVO is banned in several other countries but allowed by FDA is US. Due to an online petition, thousands have pressured Coca-Cola to remove it. Coca-Cola listened and removed BVO. The stakeholders – consumers are cared for as Coca-Cola is doing their best to preserve health. A spokesman said:’We are concerned about the welfare of our consumers and their health remains our top priority.’ Coca-Cola also treats discharged water from factories. The water treatment exceeds standards enforced by regulators due to strict water treatment policies by Coca-Cola. This has improved safety measures in factories and helped eliminate waterborne diseases such as Cholera. 99% of Coca-Cola’s plants comply with the water treatment standards. Coca-Cola has a goal that ensures all the water it discharges will be able to support marine life. Coca-Cola Africa Foundation has collaborated with Water Health International to fund water treatment and distribution centres in Ghana. Safe drinking water is provided to school children by extensive purification to show mutual benefits between Coca-Cola and the community. Moreover, Coca-Cola provides funds to fight diseases such as AIDS. Partnership with Global Fund to supply access
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