Whats Eating Gilbert Grape Essay

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The movie Whats Eating Gilbert Grape, portrayed a beautiful family dynamic in a small town called Endora. The film is narrated in Gilbert’s perspective of how he understands his family and cares for his brother Arnie, who has a developmental disability. As Gilbert shows many adversaries in his life, he also shows strengths. Thus, the purpose of this essay will illustrate my reflectivity of my personal story to Gilbert’s. Additionally, the lens of a social worker will highlight the Grape family’s issues. In order, to understand the lack of support the family has and how to best support them. Therefore, the importance of reflectivity allows opportunity for clients and social workers to challenge self-awareness and creativity of self-care.
Personal Critique Prior to watching Whats Eating Gilbert Grape, I could not predict the severity of the family dynamic. Nor could I prepare in advance. This is the same for Social Workers, when family cases arrive Social Worker are not given all the information. Yet, I was calm and a little excited to watch the film. Similarly, how I would feel when meeting my clients for the first time. For instance, my calmness would show non-judgmental and genuine approach. Also, my peak of excitement shows my interest and investment in my client. Thus, I would more likely be able to build better rapport with my clients if they see my true intent. At the beginning of the film, I noticed the strong bond of the brothers, Gilbert and Arnie.…

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