What's Eating Gilbert Grape

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In the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape directed by Lasse Hallstrom, the idea of adversity is clearly shown. The Grapes aren’t your typical family, after the mother spirals down the staircase of depression, the five children are forced to grow up and mature as they now have the responsibility of looking after their mother. Endora is the town in which the story is set and the children are trapped inside as their mother hasn’t left the house in seven years. Gilbert Grape is faced with a number of adversities, he has to live with an obese mother that demands him to always do better and take responsibility for his family, he has to protect and care for his little brother Arnie who is mentally slow and Gilbert is trapped in Endora due to all…show more content…
Hallstrom uses camerawork such as low angle, long shots to show how far Arnie is up the water tower. Point of view shots and reaction shots are also used to show Gilbert’s reaction to seeing Arnie up the water tower. Once Arnie comes down Gilbert tells the police officer that this is the last time, Arnie is childlike and repeats Gilbert’s words to the officer saying that this was the last time but a few seconds later Arnie forgets what he told the officer and says, “ I want to go back up there”. Lasse Hallstrom uses dialogue to show the challenge that Gilbert is faced with, Arnie often moans like a child and always wants his own way. It proves to be difficult for Gilbert to always have Arnie under control. Gilbert is trapped in Endora but he dreams of being free with Becky who he starts to fall in love with. She shares her stories with him about her travelling the world and having the freedom to go where she wants. Gilbert longs for this and almost brings himself to leave Endora but he couldn’t go through with it because of all the pressure and responsibility on him. Lasse Hallstrom uses imagery and camera work to show that Gilbert longs to be free, the film cuts to a shot of Gilbert with the sky as a background symbolising that the
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