What's Eating Gilbert Grape Mental Illness

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What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is an incredible movie that was released in 1993 with two amazing actors, Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio. Gilbert Grape, acted by Johnny Depp, lives in a small town with his five siblings and his mother. Gilbert has several responsibilities considering that his mother, acted by Darlene Cates, is very overweight and is not able to leave her home. He also has a younger brother Arnie, acted by Leonardo DiCaprio, who is mentally impaired. As the story begins, you learn about Gilbert’s father who committed suicide in the basement of the house when Gilbert was very young. This left his mother hopeless and depressed spending most of her time sitting on the couch watching TV and eating. Being unable to properly care for her family due to her obesity forces Gilbert to take on the responsibilities of repairing the house and taking care of Arnie while his sisters help as much as they can. Keep in mind that Arnie who has a mental illness has a tendency of getting into things he should not be in, as well as having a habit of climbing the water tower in town. Gilbert works at a small Grocery store in town where he often…show more content…
In frustration, Gilberts snaps and hits Arnie several times. He then leaves without telling a soul because he is so appalled from his actions. Gilbert finally returns during Arnie’s 18th birthday celebration in hopes to apologize to his family for leaving and his behavior towards Arnie. After Arnie’s birthday, the mother decides to climb the stairs to her bedroom which she has not done since her husband died. Arnie climbs the stairs seeing his mother lying in bed. As he attempts to wake her up he soon realizes she has died. To prevent anyone knowing of their mother’s death the family decides to instead set the house on fire. The movie ends with Gilbert and Arnie sitting by the road waiting for
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