What´s Epigenetic Landscape?

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Conrad H. Waddington “Epigenetic Landscape” 1939, which was followed up and expanded on by Dr. Adrian Bird and Danny Reinberg (1975~) we know that it does exist and it has far reaching implications for future development in medical research and biological development fields.
 Risk assessment
 Prevention
 Progression analysis
 Prognosis and biomarker development

Epigenetics ~ is the term coined to explain a variety of “bizarre” phenotypic phenomena in different organisms that can’t be elucidated by Mendelian Genetics. It is like a bridge between geno and phenotypes ~ giving explanation to how cells carrying identical DNA differentiate into different cell types and how this differentiated state remains stable; o More recently it has evolved to mean “modifications” to DNA that affect gene expression but do not involve base changes
 These changes are regular and naturally occurring but can be heavily influenced by several factors such as;
• Age
• Environment & life style
• Or disease state.

“According to Dr. Lipton, the true secret to life does not lie within your DNA, but rather within the mechanisms of your cell membrane.”
“If Genetics was the recipe then Epigenetics would be the Chef who would create his own idea of how to present the dish”, ~ Eliza Hazlerigg
There are 4 main mechanisms of modification and regulation…
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